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A personal visit at your own pace

Granada: up-close and personal

Tailor-made for you, designed by me.
Make your visit an unforgettable experience.

When we travel, we want to take home the best experiences and the most wonderful memories. My guided visits are designed for just that!  Cover more ground in less time. Save time with a personalized plan for your visit. Access information and details of the city’s history and culture that go unnoticed without a professional who can reveal them. Let me illuminate the history and culture of Granada for you.

Explore at your own pace and be pampered in an exclusive, family-friendly atmosphere. Do not miss out on the knowledge and the good memories.

Let me be your hostess.

Hello! My name is Miriam Figueroa and I am lucky to be able to share with you my love for Granada and my love for history and culture.  A tourism professional and official tourist guide for more than a decade, I am a specialist in Granada’s historical and artistic heritage. With me, you can discover monuments, neighborhoods, and the lives of historical characters.

When I design a visit, the value of the human component is as important as the quality of the information and experience that I share. Working with kindness and friendliness is my maxim. I love the feeling of knowing that I will make my clients’ faces light up with a smile when they remember their time in Granada.

I work with individual clients, but mostly I specialize in couples, groups and families with children.

You want the most memorable experience, far removed from the tours and typical robotic visits. You want to enjoy the best stories of the city and feel right at home.  In other words; you want to feel like you belong in Granada.

Come tour with me.  I’ll see you soon!

Enjoy an exclusive experience, with the best services and the best quality.

Have fun and learn the best-kept secrets of history.

Find treasure in unexpected places.

Let me take care of the logistics before and during our visits.

Enjoy life like a local.

Relax and set the pace.

If you travel with children, don’t worry! They will take center stage.

Everything you need for an unforgettable experience will be within your reach.

Your plan for the perfect visit or experience

I can offer many ready-made visits, but the fun part is for you to create your own, so your experience will be perfect.

It’s easy and user-friendly.

I offer discounts if you book combined tours! Ask me and find out more about Granada for less.


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